Current Implementation Status

On June 25th 2020 the final German translation of the IDDSI framework and its detailed definitions were published after a thorough review by experts in the field. The framework is supported by the Austrian Association of Speech and Language Pathologists (logop√§dieaustria) and the Austrian Association of Dietitians. Currently, various regional health care providers are implementing the IDDSI framework. However, there exists no nation-wide implementation consensus yet.

Reference Group

An IDDSI reference group is currently being assembled in Austria. It will be a cross sector collaboration of professionals who will promote, monitor, support, advocate and communicate recommendations for implementation of IDDSI standards within Austrian health care system, its providers and organizations.

Primary Contacts
  • Simon Sollereder, MSc
  • Silke Pirker-Neuwirth, MSc
  • Bj√∂rn Degen
  • Michaela Trapl-Grundschober, PhDr, MAS, MSc
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  This information was last updated on August 2023.