Current Implementation Status

Looking ahead, the plans for the near future are:

  1. Starting the work of Chinese (Standard Mandarin) IDDSI Reference Group nationwide: currently formed Translation Group, Research Group, Publicity Group, Education Group, and Media Group. Additionally, formed the official IDDSI Chinese (Standard Mandarin) website on WeChat.
  2. Complete the translation of IDDSI materials into Standard Mandarin.
  3. Start process of implementation and education of IDDSI Chinese (Standard Mandarin).
  4. Formation of Chinese (Standard Mandarin) IDDSI Headquarter.
Reference Group

The Chinese (Standard Mandarin) IDDSI Reference Group (CNIRG) consists of the Advisory Group and the Work Group. Work Group includes Facilitation Group, Translation Group, Education Group, Publicity Group, Media Group, and Research Group.

Name Responsibility
Facilitation Group Consists of one group leader and two secretaries. Oversight personnel oversees works of each group in CNIRG. Two secretaries facilitate work within CNIRG relating to mainland China and overseas respectively.
Translation Group First Phase: group members collect information from IDDSI website and research articles in other languages and translate them into Chinese for use in implementation work within Mainland China.
Second Phase: in addition to first phase works, also translate updated materials for education and implementation activities in Mainland China.
Education Group Provide courses and education for implementation of IDDSI in Mainland China.
Publicity Group Provide monthly and yearly publications of the implementation work of CNIRG; organization of CNIRG meetings and activities.
Media Group Responsible for managing the WeChat page for CNIRG; publish newsletters and publications from Publicity Group on social media; update articles and videos on social media regarding meetings and activities completed by CNIRG.
Research Group Responsible for research and clinical work completed with use of IDDSI framework; provide documentation and solutions for noted difficulties during implementation of IDDSI in clinical settings in Mainland China; provide industries, governmental agencies, communities, etc. with support for use of IDDSI framework.
Primary Contacts
Resources More in process.
  This information was last updated on November, 2023.