L'IDDSI recherche actuellement des volontaires pour faire partie du nouveau groupe de référence français (IRG France) rassemblant divers intervenants, notamment des professionnels de la santé et des représentants de l'industrie alimentaire. Pour plus d'informations et pour postuler, n’hésitez pas à contacter France

IDDSI is now seeking volunteers to be part of the new France Reference Group representing diverse stakeholders including health professionals and food industry representatives. For further information and application contact France
Current Implementation Status

The first European French translation of the IDDSI framework was published in 2018 after a thorough review by stakeholders in the field; the 2.0 translations are completed, and the French global harmonization is ongoing. The IDDSI implementation is effective in several health care facilities, and the phase of raising awareness continues on the territory.

The framework is supported by the UNADREO (Union Nationale pour le Développement de la Recherche et de l'Évaluation en Orthophonie), the LURCO (Laboratoire UNADREO de Recherche en Orthophonie), the FNO (Fédération Nationale des Orthophonistes), the SFNCM (Société Francophone de Nutrition Clinique et Métabolisme). Contact with other organizations will be made in the near future.

Reference Group

The France IDDSI Reference Group is currently being assembled. It will be a cross-sector collaboration of professionals who will promote, monitor, support, advocate and communicate recommendations for implementation of IDDSI standards within France's healthcare system, its providers and organizations. 

Primary Contacts Virginie RUGLIO, SLP
Contact Contact Us or email 
Registry Coming Soon. If you wish to be included on the France IDDSI Registry, please contact us.
Country Specific Resources See French (Europe) resources at Available translations: Framework / Descriptions and Testing Methods

Coming soon:
  • Audit tools
  • Implementation Guides
  • Patient handouts
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