Casino card game

Card games are especially associated with intellect and skillfulness. These are games that besides the presence of randomness in the gameplay, require the knowledge and skills to win. Of course, even here you can relax and hope that your luck will not let you down. But learning a bit more about cards, you become able to influence the game from your side.

The catalog of card games in casino

When you start the game on your device, the gaming table appear in front of you on your screen. The table is drawn out for different sections: where cards lie, where bets are made, and so on. Different games use different tables as well as they have different rules and features:

  1. blackjack; it is the most played casino card game and belongs to 2-person card games (the game happens between the gambler and the croupier);
  2. baccarat; it has very similar gameplay to blackjack, but different calculations and the betting system;
  3. poker; poker is a common word that unites many different types of this game; it can be played by several players and all of them play against each other;
  4. video poker; this is a combination of poker and a slot.

All variants have their own version and styles, and excite millions of players around the globe.


Blackjack is a game of learning probabilities and making corresponding actions during the play. The gameplay is the following:

  • all participants make their bets; they can bet whether on the victory of the player, or the victory of the croupier, or the tie;
  • the gambler is distributed with two cards, so is the croupier, and one of the croupier’s cards is revealed to everyone;
  • according to this card and his own cards, the gambler makes a move: hit/stand, double, split or surrender;
  • the croupier proceeds with his move and cards are opened and calculated.

The gambler will succeed, if his card combination is nearer to 21 than the one of the croupier. However, if it is more than 21, he loses immediately. After all calculations, the winner is named and bets are paid.


This game is the quickest one among card casino games, and after the bets are made on the victory of the player of the casino, the whole gameplay is done in several steps:

  1. both the gambler and the croupier are distributed with two cards each, and all participants can see these cards;
  2. in case the cards of the gambler are 5 or less, one more card is added to those on his hands and they are counted again;
  3. in case the cards of the gambler are 10 and more, in the received number of points, the first figure is downed;
  4. the combination of cards is counted and the one that is nearest to 9 wins.

After all steps, the winner is named and bets are paid.


Video poker is a casino card game that belongs to easy card games. The player receives five cards on the screen and then can draw several cards to replace those he already has in order to combine a poker hand.

Other poker games are much more sophisticated. They can be divided on:

  • draw poker – where players can replace several cards with others;
  • stud poker – where both face-down and face-up cards are given to gamblers;
  • community card poker – where hidden cards are given to gamblers and revealed cards are put in the middle.

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