Poker hands list a player needs to know

Each poker player must know which categories of hands exist in principle, as well as how to properly play one or another hand. Although, of course, everything always depends not only on the cards, but also on what opponents you are playing against at the moment.

But still, first you need to understand at least what categories of hands are in poker, which we will try to explain in this article with examples.

Definition and types of poker hands you need to know

But first of all, all hands in poker can be divided into two large sections:

Ready hands are those that have already been formed into a combination, and you can defeat this distribution on them if the autopsy took place right now.

Draw hands are those hands that need one or two cards to form a combination. As a rule, draws are played more passively in poker, because if you don’t get the right card on the river, you will simply spend your money in vain.

Which hands should worth to risk and why

Top pair. You have a match consisting of one of your starting cards and a high flop card. In this case, the second starting hand card is called a kicker. In MSS, I recommend playing a top pair with a kicker no lower than jack. In a situation where both players have a pair of equal value, kicker is crucial.

Overpara. You have a ready-made pair (pocket pair) in your hands, say kings. In this case, the king is the highest flop card. Overpara is older than the top pair by definition, because Your pocket pair must contain cards that are older than any flop card.

Two pairs. Both cards of your starting hand form pairs. Moreover, this hand is dangerous because your opponents may well have more powerful cards in their hands. In general, two pairs in poker is a rather dangerous combination. On the one hand, of course, it attracts with the fact that it beats any pair, up to aces. But on the other hand, with a paired board, you can easily run into a set, and even a full house, especially on a large bank. Therefore, you should always play two pairs with caution, with an eye on your opponents, the manner in which they play and the cards on the table.

Thrips. A combination of three cards of the same value.

A set is much more interesting and profitable, since you have two identical cards in your hand (for example, 55), and on the table there is another such card. Accordingly, none of the rivals even suspects that you have a set on hand, so it can be easily monetized, forcing opponents with strong pairs to “pay” you all the streets. Texas Holdem is today considered one of the most popular types of poker.

You have a nut flush draw if you have an ace of the same suit on your hands. The opposite situation, if you have, say, a jack or a lady on a flash board, then consider your draw as garbage. Only the ace and king of the suit are eligible for the MSS strategy draw.

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