Poker hands ranked cards in order

Poker hand range is the combination of possible cards that a player could hold at any given time. There is a variety of trainers and Poker hands ranked calculators online, which can be used as cheat sheets that help a player make the best decisions, even if the Royal Flush hand does not come ever. Using the strategy for ranges, the gambler wants to determine his opponent on a combination of cards in hand, and also understand which cards he can play.

Poker hands ranked cards

If a gambler knows his rival’s hand cards, any decision would be easy. With a Poker hands ranked cards strategy, the player does not determine his opponent on exactly two cards in his hand, but gets the information about the scale from the worst to the best possible hand. A hand range can be visualized as a grid and noted as the order of cards. Here are the Poker hands ranked in order:

  1. Royal Flush is the best Poker hands ranked combination that can win all Poker chips. It has a+K+Q+J+10 (any suit, but the same one);
  2. Straight Flush. Any 5 cards in order (the same suit);
  3. 4 of a kind (4 cards of the same value (four Queens, for example);
  4. Full House 3 similar-rank+2 similar rank cards;
  5. Flush (5 cards that have the same suit);
  6. Straight (any 5 cards coming in order);
  7. 3 of a kind (3 same-rank cards);
  8. 2 Pair (2 pairs of cards with the same rank);
  9. A Pair;
  10. Highest card. The one which is better than the others, if no combination of those mentioned above is formed.

Poker hands ranked calculation begins before at the Preflop.

Poker hand trainer usage

If a newbie wants to remember how hands are ranked in Poker, he can use any special online calculator or trainer for it. Using it, he will learn that 13 possible pairs can be collected. One of 78 possible monochrome or multicolored hands can be gotten easily. This stuff results in the following combinations (hands — possible combination ratio):

  • Pair — 6 combinations;
  • No Pair —16 possible variants;
  • No pair of single colors — 4 combinations, etc.

There are fewer combinations for couples’ hands in Poker ranked variants.

As soon as a gambler makes a bet, he makes a statement about his hand range, especially in connection with the position at the table and information about hands that have already been played. A poker tracker can help him at any time.


Of course, no one knows the exact range of an opponent, but there are many signs and statistical values that help him to assess the rival’s hand range as best as possible. Poker software is an essential tool when working with hands in Poker ranked strategy. It is easier to determine an opponent’s range before the flop. After the flop, one needs additional information and experience in order to be able to accept a range reasonably reliably.

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