Current Implementation Status

IDDSI implementation is underway.  In Reuth and Assuta Ashdod hospitals IDDSI is implemented in all departments.  It is assimilated in the electronic records in both hospitals. 
In other hospitals, IDDSI terminology is being used with various degrees of implementation levels.
Various workshops were held prior to COVID-19 outbreak in March, and are now starting to be renewed. In addition, IDDSI is being taught in the academia to SLP and nutrition students.
The MoH developed a regulatory guideline for all health system facilities that will be audited by the MoH.
There is an active IDDSI Israel Facebook group, via which we spread new materials to SLPs and dietitians.
The Israeli Ministry of Health guidelines for IDDSI implementation has been published, and it is expected that the Israeli healthcare system will fully implement IDDSI by May 2023 (see translations below under Country-Specific Resources). 

Reference Group

An IDDSI reference group is currently being assembled in Israel.  If you are interested to participate in the IDDSI reference group, please contact us.

Primary Contacts
  • Oshrat Sella Weiss
  • Josefa Kachal
  • Michal Kait
  • Michal Kraiter
Contact Email Israel or contact
Resources Hebrew translations of IDDSI Poster, Testing Reference Card, IDDSI Flow Test Card, and Testing Methods Videos are available on the Resources page.
  This information was last updated on December 2022.