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Poker is a very simple, at first glance, game where all players receive certain cards in their hands, and the one whose combination of cards turned out to be stronger wins.

However, this is only at first glance. In fact, in poker, the strongest combination rarely quite wins, hands are much more often won without a showdown, after a raise from one of the players. That is why experienced players who know all the tricks of poker say that poker is played not by cards, but against people.

Tips how to win in poker tournaments

Slopeplay is one of those poker tricks that even experienced players are “led” to. Its essence is as follows. You get good cards (for example, a pair of aces), and instead of immediately making an all-in or raising an opponent’s bet, you simply limp in response to the opponent’s bet. Further, after regular bets from the opponent, you also simply call, instead of raising them. And so on up to the river, where in response you simply go all-in.

This tactic of “slow play” (“slowplay” is translated) leads to the fact that our opponent will be almost sure that he has the strongest hand in the distribution, and we call only in order to “hold out his draw” or with some kind of weak hit. True, slowplay is dangerous because several players may enter the hand along with your aces, and someone may well fall into two pairs or even straight. In this case, you lose with your aces. Therefore, this trick in poker is applicable only when playing against one, at most, two opponents.

Timing “time” is a complex term for a game with time during trading. For example, when we think for a long time whether to call an opponent’s bet or not, and at the same time we have a good combination. Accordingly, in this in the next rounds of trading, we will provoke it at even higher rates. How does the house make money in poker should be known to any gambler who prefers this card game.

The reverse side of timing is an instant, quick call or raise, which shows that we have a ready-made and powerful combination. By making such a quick bet, we explicitly inform the enemy that we have already gathered our hand and are ready to go all the way on such cards. However, keep in mind that in this case you will have to call or raise immediately all the streets, not just the flop. Because, you see, it will look strange if you flop quickly on the flop and think long on the turn and make a difficult bet.

Best poker rooms you can play

This means that if we learn to “read” our opponents, we will be able to win hands against them all the time, not even depending on which cards are dealt to us. Of course, this is in the ideal case, but there are still a few poker tricks that are known to many professional players, and which beginners do not know about. According to a large number of regular players, some of the best poker rooms can be considered:

  • PartyPoker
  • PokerStars
  • 888poker

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