Current Implementation Status

IDDSI has been implemented in most settings. 
IDDSI is supported by these organizations: 

  • Health Service Executive (HSE, the national health service)
  • HSE National Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) Office
  • HSE funded organisations
  • Professional Bodies for Speech and Language Therapy, Dietetics, Pharmacy among others.  
Reference Group

No. The HSE NationaI Working Group established in 2018, completed a programme of work to support services in implementing IDDSI between 2018-2019 and having completed this work, is now stood down.  

Primary Contacts  
Contact  Contact Ireland or email at

The HSE IDDSI Implementation Pack including a range of practical, educational and communication resources to support implementation is available on Discovery zone and the Irish Institute of Pharmacy.
Two eLearning modules for healthcare staff were completed in 2020 and are available on the course catalogue:

  • Introduction to the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative IDDSI Framework

  • Managing Feeding, Eating, Drinking and Swallowing (FEDS) Difficulties in People with an Intellectual Disability” which has been updated to include the IDDSI framework

Information for patients/service users and the general public including a patient information leaflet is available on the site

Other Information

The National HSCP Office in the HSE worked with the Professional Bodies for SLT and Dietetics in Ireland the IASLT and INDI and all key stakeholders to support implementation of IDDSI.

  This information was last updated on Dec 2022.